People's Choice:
Carol Johnston


Penicuik Turner:
Aine Divine


It seems 'portraits' have won the day!

But also a very generous Raffle outcome - thanks to generous artists!
Enjoy the wee video here with animating music by Jo and Olly tempting us to dance and Mose Hutchison, People's Choice and Raffle prizes presenter keeping everybody animated.
David Annand, our 2013 Turner Prize Judge, had prepared an in depth short list, offering insights on a dozen or more art pieces, will send his notes still so we can match his comments to the right works. Here is his choice choosing, followed by a glimpse of his own sculptural portraits (click to go to his website).

All in All: the winner is..
hopefully you people all, whose lives and places got enriched by viewing art, visiting trails and studios in Penicuik, attending some of the marvelous events, meeting some of the local and visiting artists, making new friends and reconnecting with old ones, being inspired (and not totally expired if you were one of the organisers!).
Big thank you to everyone, our dedicate volunteers and cheerful participants, for being part of Penfest 2013.
Enjoy and share this blog, and if you want to see all the images go to these photo-albums: click on image below an then click again on one of the five albums):


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Relaxed atmosphere, and maybe 100 people all in all tonight at the hub, as we settle down to kick off a splendid night with.... argh, where did I put that paper with the girls' names on! Help me someone...!?       " tell me now.... my ancient soul .. I know you well ... you are beautiful... "
and, aye green grow the rushes , oh....
but red and black grow Fiona and band, oh...
The evening was advertised as Fiona Hunter and Mike Vass, but we see very little if anything solo of Mike or his tantalizingly hung up various fiddles. Ah well, it is a night where the girls shine!

A night of truly Scottish tongue and tune towering tremendously through one of the best young  (ah still young!) singers in that genre, inspiring young and old alike.
One can only recommend visiting her website - also in the hope to order her new album which was launched tonight in spirit but not yet quite in body as promised.
We have got more amateur footage of Fiona and the band from tonight, but for now this their good night song has to do for showing a tiny glimpse of the richness of that voice and team wonder.
Thank you PeniFolk for getting them along here!
Oh, and do check out the starky sparkly sound clips of Mike here too
Most wonderful event of this Arts festival! Perfection of setting, high quality string music reverberating through the mysterious arches, and poetry about the marvels of Nature and our soul's and wit's reverberations to Her... 
thank you all involved! 

The artists and their family and friends, the congregation, the poster makers and the Chapel.

To 'hear' the poets, please visit their website:

Tessa Ransford:

The big day came - and the rain came ...
but also the fire and the music..
and not enough time to make enough photos especially from what Charlotte and Rachel brought in from their crafts to share... where have all the children gone..? Thank you for coming an sharing - we are looking forward to connect up ;-) !
Rory, William and mum Jane had fun for sure, an baby Donald was star of the scene.
For more of the story - go through the slide show below, reading the captions ;-)

And here: enjoy watching the Mural artists' celebration, Erin today, and timetravel in the future to last day when Sue made it along, too. Still got to celebrate Erin yet !

Another part of the afternoon today was to share the Craft bombing journey from May and getting inspired thinking started for next May. Here is one slide show we forgot to show, and we include it here to build the connection, enjoy (but watch out, as it is a freebee slide share after the 15 slides it is other stuff):

Looking back, and Lets plan ahead:

If you want to see more check this, which includes a map of the places, and find us in the UK and Ireland Voluntary Arts video here:

And lets connect up?


Tannahill at arts centre on Monday eve:

Poems and songs from Scottish folks' voices was the theme of the last two days for sure.
Dr Fred Freeman's talk on Robert Tannahill with musical illustrations was well attended and deemed to be a success. Sorry, no pics, as no-one with camera attended event. All the same - you can catch Fred's voice here at the Garden Sessions show, and some of the renderings he commissioned can be heard here, on a site devoted to the Scottish Language. 

Tannahill songs kept featuring in  two other sessions which the Penicuik Folk Cub had organised for Penfest.
On Tuesday eve we saw two events drawing in people: the Folk Club sing a long at the Road House, and the Penicuik Writers at Arts Centre.

Participants of three different writing groups (Penicuik, Dalkeith and Pentlands) came together to share their published and unpublished works. Witty and wondrous, vulnerable, celebratory and macabre, people and place. Scottish and global - all was there in poetry and prose. Special thanks to Karen Duncan for bringing them all together, a broad spectrum of writers company, reading out their words-smith craft under the backdrop of painted poetry, the Penicuik Turner Prize exhibition. 
This Saturday started with a big disappointment which resulted in me unnecessarily missing out on a few events, such as the Howgate history exhibition and the Pentland Writers eve in Carlops.
What was the disappointment? The fact that we had been asked to put in a presence at the Midfest opening in Dalkeith, to be part of the festivities there. We wanted to show our support and, inspite of being very stretched that Saturday, we were looking forward too join the party in the stable block of the Dalkeith Estate. The program looked exciting.
However: when arriving there we found out that our stall, along with 7 or so others, had been re-located in the chill wind of the front gate drive, 10 minutes away from the action. No customers for our info sharing and craft items, no hot drinks, nor any toilet facilities, nor any other welcome from the organisers, let alone an apology for the apparent 'double booking' of stall holders. Well, I was looking forward with interest to what our 'colleagues' of the other side of Midlothian were doing - but must admit I lost all interest now due to being at the receiving end of the discourteous conduct.

I was very happy to get back to warm drinks in Penicuik townhall and the warm welcome of old friends who had made it once again to do some merry crafting with the devoted volunteers from the now Crafts4All team emerging out of the Making Space team. I was also glad to get me share of fresh vegetables again from the Lost Garden .. check this lovely BBC video here . And enjoy the pics of the wee team work here....
ah well, Making Space Penicuik is history now. Long live "Crafts for Al!l"
And Howgate History!

Inspirations for Crafts can be found here at Christine's Studio:

From the evening event we have only the poster and a link to a previous gig of Madge Wildfire -  see poster page and facebook :