The big day came - and the rain came ...
but also the fire and the music..
and not enough time to make enough photos especially from what Charlotte and Rachel brought in from their crafts to share... where have all the children gone..? Thank you for coming an sharing - we are looking forward to connect up ;-) !
Rory, William and mum Jane had fun for sure, an baby Donald was star of the scene.
For more of the story - go through the slide show below, reading the captions ;-)

And here: enjoy watching the Mural artists' celebration, Erin today, and timetravel in the future to last day when Sue made it along, too. Still got to celebrate Erin yet !

Another part of the afternoon today was to share the Craft bombing journey from May and getting inspired thinking started for next May. Here is one slide show we forgot to show, and we include it here to build the connection, enjoy (but watch out, as it is a freebee slide share after the 15 slides it is other stuff):

Looking back, and Lets plan ahead:

If you want to see more check this, which includes a map of the places, and find us in the UK and Ireland Voluntary Arts video here:

And lets connect up?


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