Tannahill at arts centre on Monday eve:

Poems and songs from Scottish folks' voices was the theme of the last two days for sure.
Dr Fred Freeman's talk on Robert Tannahill with musical illustrations was well attended and deemed to be a success. Sorry, no pics, as no-one with camera attended event. All the same - you can catch Fred's voice here at the Garden Sessions show, and some of the renderings he commissioned can be heard here, on a site devoted to the Scottish Language. 

Tannahill songs kept featuring in  two other sessions which the Penicuik Folk Cub had organised for Penfest.
On Tuesday eve we saw two events drawing in people: the Folk Club sing a long at the Road House, and the Penicuik Writers at Arts Centre.

Participants of three different writing groups (Penicuik, Dalkeith and Pentlands) came together to share their published and unpublished works. Witty and wondrous, vulnerable, celebratory and macabre, people and place. Scottish and global - all was there in poetry and prose. Special thanks to Karen Duncan for bringing them all together, a broad spectrum of writers company, reading out their words-smith craft under the backdrop of painted poetry, the Penicuik Turner Prize exhibition. 

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