come now, walk with me
come now, walk to see
arts and crafts on show
wow wow wow...
in Penicuik....
in Penicuik
in Penicuik.
PictureAlan MacMillan setting a soothing ambience
Now comes the music - and the musings at the fireside painted and real: the official opening of the annual Penicuik Turner Prize at West Street, room 1. Nice turnout!

All the art this year is tightly packed on the walls of room 1, whilst refreshments were served in room 2, as well having posters and raffle prizes on show. 
It was such a pleasure to have had Midlothian Provost Joe Wallace with us this year!

Caroline and Joe Wallace
Jackie and Joe Wallace
We hope everybody from Penicuik can come and visit the exhibition, it is open from 10am - 4pm Mondays - Saturdays.
There is the 'People's Vote' ballot box there, too, and we are ever so curious to find out on the 28th what Mose will tell us the winner i.
Here a few glimpses of the opening event amongst the 70 or so art pieces on show.
The sun shone, and the doors for four creative studios opened on Saturday. This quick post here is just the beginning of the sharing.
We start here with sharing a few images only of the abundance of what is on show in the 2 fibrecraft studios, Christine Finlayson with embroidery and mixed media, presented by her niece Simmi, a very creative arts student, and Christina Suter with natural fibres weaving.
Above are also a couple of pictures from the 2 arts tail venues in Bridge Street.  and below my favourite of the day, stories, crafts and love stitched into one beautiful unique whole:
Still a few more Arts Trail laminates and donation signs to cut, and then to bring them round to each of the above venues and the 4 Studios before they open at 11am! And before looking pretty pretty (and not pretty rushed) at the opening at West Street at 2pm.

Hm, will depend on how much other unexpected things happen, of course!

Really looking forward to get some wings beneath my wings by then with the guitar playing by Alan! 

And then we can sit back and chill! And enjoy this year's Penicuik Turner Prize Exhibition with everybody!

oops - and there is more going on in Penicuik on the Arts Festival Opening Day : It being Midlothian Doors Open Day!
Peny-coe-press will take part in this for the first time, as well as the Lost Garden and the Townhall. 

Hm - maybe chilling ain't an option then, nor rest for the weary ;-)! 
Weather is supposed to be good!