Relaxed atmosphere, and maybe 100 people all in all tonight at the hub, as we settle down to kick off a splendid night with.... argh, where did I put that paper with the girls' names on! Help me someone...!?       " tell me now.... my ancient soul .. I know you well ... you are beautiful... "
and, aye green grow the rushes , oh....
but red and black grow Fiona and band, oh...
The evening was advertised as Fiona Hunter and Mike Vass, but we see very little if anything solo of Mike or his tantalizingly hung up various fiddles. Ah well, it is a night where the girls shine!

A night of truly Scottish tongue and tune towering tremendously through one of the best young  (ah still young!) singers in that genre, inspiring young and old alike.
One can only recommend visiting her website  http://www.fionahunter.co.uk/ - also in the hope to order her new album which was launched tonight in spirit but not yet quite in body as promised.
We have got more amateur footage of Fiona and the band from tonight, but for now this their good night song has to do for showing a tiny glimpse of the richness of that voice and team wonder.
Thank you PeniFolk for getting them along here!
Oh, and do check out the starky sparkly sound clips of Mike here http://mikevass.com/ too

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